Texas Department of Insurance

Prompt payment of clean claims reports

Managed care carriers must use this portal to report payment of clean claims and applicable penalties and interest to the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI).

  • Clean claims are claims health care providers submit to managed care carriers that include all regulatory required elements of a clean claim.
  • Managed care carriers are TDI licensed health maintenance organizations (HMO) and insurers with preferred provider benefit plans and exclusive provider benefit plans.

If you are a third-party administrator: Before we can grant you access, the managed care carrier must email an authorization letter to PromptPay@tdi.texas.gov. Their letter requesting access must be on the manage care carrier's letterhead and include:

  • Your name, title, email, and phone number.
  • A managed care carrier authorized representative's name, title, and signature.

If you are a licensed HMO or insurer: Fill out the request access form. After you submit the form, you will get an email with a temporary password.

Email PromptPay@tdi.texas.gov.

View Prompt Pay FAQs.

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